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As a property developer, it is important to stand out from the competition by erecting buildings that stand the test of time and will still be up to standard in 40 years' time. In other words, it is important to keep evolving sustainably; if there is one thing that determines the viability and value of your property, it is sustainability.

We constantly keep a close eye on the latest developments in the field of sustainable innovation in real estate. This is how we identify several interesting initiatives in the current climate.


Sustainability certification
Sustainability certification is an independent and externally coordinated assessment system that quantifies the sustainability of buildings. Buildings are assessed on various parameters, and this assessment is consolidated into a certificate. Moreover, the parameters are constantly adjusted and innovated, which ensures that we are always the first to know about innovations in the sector. The certificate guarantees the buyer of the building that the building has been built in accordance with the latest sustainable innovations. This means that the certification of the building is an important asset in the commercialisation of real estate. Encon is an accredited sustainability expert and assessor. In other words, we are able to assess the buildings ourselves for the most common plans, in addition to project management. Encon can also assist in conducting various sub-studies for certification, alongside assistance in obtaining the certificate. These studies contribute to the final score of the project, such as daylight simulation, dynamic building simulation, travel plan, etc.
The BREEAM rating system is developed in the UK and has already BREEAM-certified more than 593,000 buildings worldwide.
BREEAM kent verschillende internationale tegenhangers: het LEED ratingsysteem is de Amerikaanse variant, HQE is de Franse versie en DGNB de Duitse. Deze systemen zijn allemaal gelijkaardig in de basis, maar verschillen subtiel in de invulling van de parameters.
WELL focuses primarily on the effect of buildings on health and well-being and ensures that people feel well inside a building.
Companies looking for a way to commercialise sustainability but do not want to rely on general standards can benefit from our help in creating their own unique sustainability standard.

Charging infrastructure

The era of petrol and diesel cars is drawing to a close. We are shifting in droves to hybrids and fully electric cars. While this is certainly an interesting evolution in the field of mobility, it does require adjustments to the infrastructure. For real estate developers to build a building that can withstand the ravages of time, it is important to think proactively about an integrated charging infrastructure.


Sustainable energy

Fixed costs are increasingly factored into the purchase of new buildings. The installation of a private sustainable power plant can reduce these fixed costs.

Not only do we assist property developers in choosing the right energy source, but we also ensure a guarantee on the amount of sustainable energy produced for the next 20 years.



A solar installation is the most obvious sustainable source of energy. By utilising unused roof space, a solar installation can significantly reduce the fixed costs of a building.



  • WIND


Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing markets for both sustainable and conventional electricity. Investment in a wind turbine is lucrative thanks to government support. In terms of CO2 emissions, wind energy is also by far one of the most interesting renewable energy sources.




The earth's core contains heat at temperatures ranging from 2,000 to 12,000°C, which constitutes an ideal source of renewable energy thanks to geothermal energy. Using various techniques, this geothermal heat can be brought to the surface and used to produce electricity.

Our approach


Our audits serve as the basis for mapping out the current situation. We will help you see the forest for the trees again in terms of possible rating systems and create a plan of action to evolve towards the ideal future scenario.


The action plan is put into effect by bringing together a team tailored to each new challenge. All participants are challenged to give their very best at competitive conditions, and we negotiate quality assurance with all parties involved.


We are the go-to for all parties involved and report on the progress of the project, which guarantees the qualitative completion of each project.

The benefits of collaboration

Sustainable innovation is an important growth factor for real estate projects. In a world of ever-increasing sustainability standards, it is interesting to look as far into the future as possible and adapt your real estate to the standards of the future. With our experts constantly monitoring all progress and novelties, we can support you in getting the most out of your new project.

  • Additional revenue


The real estate value of a building with a sustainability certificate ranges between 7% and 22% higher than comparable projects on the market. The certificate guarantees potential tenants or buyers that the building will continue to meet sustainability standards in the future


  • A stronger image

Sustainable innovation will help strengthen the image of a company, brand or product in the long term. This long-term approach ensures that brands continue to take consistent steps, with their 'name' becoming ever more valuable to clients, consumers or employees.



  • Lower costs


Sustainability innovation has quick and effective implications for a company's cost structure. Thanks to a new approach to processes and raw materials, energy consumption will decrease, waste will be reduced, there will be less staff turnover and the tax burden will decrease.


  • Long-term compliance


It has become a given that governments will adopt increasingly stringent measures with regard to the footprint of companies.  However, clients and consumers will also impose ever-higher demands. Thanks to investments in sustainability, which already generate interesting benefits, you can ensure that your company remains relevant in the long term.

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