Encon is an independent agency that supports companies through creative and innovative solutions in their transition to become more sustainable.

Sustainability is here to stay, and it has an impact on every aspect of business operations. Whether it concerns the increasing pressure on operational margins, the need for more profitable investments or the challenge of continuing to meet the critical demands of employees and consumers. Sustainability offers a solution to our current business challenges.

In today's challenging world, Encon is a partner for companies in their sustainability transition. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sustainability. Whereas relatively simple measures can lead to significant changes for one company, this might not be the case for another due to its unique circumstances. That is why our experts explore the most efficient measures that can create the greatest impact, tailored to your company's needs.

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Sustainability offers an interesting solution to many of today's business challenges. It creates an opportunity for win-win situations. It ensures our continued livelihood in extraordinary, unprecedented times: what benefits companies, benefits our world!

That is the world Encon wants to contribute to by showing companies and managers how sustainability can be the basis of growth and inspire them to do their part.

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directe groei
132000 ha
bomen gespaard
1580400 ton
CO2 bespaard

ISO 26000

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is often perceived as a vague term, which is why we use ISO 26000 to flesh out the content. This standard is an international guideline for corporate social responsibility and provides tools to support organisations in their sustainability transition. The ISO 26000 also provides very clear guidelines for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that different aspects are seamlessly aligned with each other.

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We walk the talk

Using ISO 26000 as a starting point, we have developed our own sustainability vision. It clearly reflects the way sustainability flows throughout our entire organisational policy and the objectives that are linked to it.

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CSR Ambassador of the Year

The title of CSR Ambassador of the Year was awarded to Robin Bruninx in 2020. It is the ultimate reward for his unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility with Encon.

Livia Award

The Livia Award is an annual award by Unizo for female entrepreneurship. In 2017, Sandra Deraeve was honoured with it for her years of commitment to Encon's growth.

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