Innovative building materials

Real estate developers and contractors have a growing focus on future-oriented construction. So, it is important for suppliers of building materials to keep abreast of developments in the field of sustainable innovation to respond proactively to the needs of clients.

Dankzij onze kennis op vlak van duurzaamheidscertificiëring van gebouwen zijn wij altijd op de hoogte van de laatste nieuwe onwikkelingen in vastgoed. Duurzaamheidscertificatie is een onafhankelijk en extern gecoördineerd beoordelingssysteem dat de duurzaamheid van gebouwen zichtbaar maakt op basis van verschillende parameters die voortdurend bijgestuurd en geïnnoveerd worden. Wij weten als geen ander wat de impact van bouwmaterialen is op credits van deze certificaten. Onze kennis van deze parameters geeft ons dus waardevolle inzichten in de noden van vastgoedontwikkelaars en aannemers op vlak van innovatie in bouwmaterialen, die we kunnen toepassen in de analyse van jouw productaanbod. En dankzij die inzichten kan jij je producten nog beter afstemmen op de evoluerende noden van je klanten, en je bedrijf differentiëren op vlak van duurzaamheid.
The BREEAM rating system is developed in the UK and has already BREEAM-certified more than 593,000 buildings worldwide.
BREEAM has several international counterparts: the LEED rating system is the American version; HQE is the French version; with DGNB being the German version. These systems are all similar at the core but have subtle differences in the interpretation of the parameters.
WELL focuses primarily on the effect of buildings on health and well-being and ensures that people feel well inside a building.

Our approach


Our audits serve as the basis for mapping out the current situation and creating a plan of action to evolve towards the ideal future scenario.


The action plan is put into effect by bringing together a team tailored to each new challenge. All participants are challenged to give their very best at competitive conditions, and we negotiate quality assurance with all parties involved.


We are the go-to for all parties involved and report on the progress of the project, which guarantees the qualitative completion of each project.

The benefits of collaboration

Sustainable innovation is an important growth factor for real estate projects. Being a supplier to property developers and contractors makes it all the more important to capitalise on this and offer your clients the products they need to achieve their standards.

  • Additional revenue


Real estate developers and contractors who decide to build sustainably will value products that support this objective more highly than materials that do not, and they may even proactively select products based on these characteristics. In other words, by proactively aligning your products with the most common sustainability certifications, you will be firmly ahead of the competition.


  • A stronger image


It has become a given that governments will adopt increasingly stringent measures with regard to the footprint of companies.  However, clients and consumers will also impose ever-higher demands. Thanks to investments in sustainability, which already generate interesting benefits, you can ensure that your company remains relevant in the long term.

  • Lower costs


Sustainability innovation has quick and effective implications for a company's cost structure. Thanks to a new approach to processes and raw materials, energy consumption will decrease, waste will be reduced, there will be less staff turnover and the tax burden will decrease.


  • Long-term compliance


Sustainable innovation will help strengthen the image of a company, brand or product in the long term. This long-term approach ensures that brands continue to take consistent steps, with their 'name' becoming ever more valuable to clients, consumers or employees.

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