Sustainable communities

Sustainability has a significant impact on the common welfare as well. People are looking for more peace and quiet, where there are no peaks of particulate matter, or where there is still some green space to enjoy. Cities and municipalities, and by extension business parks, can make a difference to their living environment by actively thinking about sustainability and how they can contribute innovatively to a more pleasant society.

Innovation for the benefit of society
Stronger together
Collaboration is key in the pursuit of a better society. The efforts of cities, municipalities and business parks to work together to find smart and innovative ideas is a major step towards a more sustainable society.
CO2 neutrality
Europe's demands are clear: Europe must be carbon-neutral by 2050. We help cities and municipalities achieve this for their area, with a greater focus on effective CO2 reduction in their own chain rather than on CO2 offset, which avoids greenwashing at all times.
BREEAM also issues a label that assesses a complete area in terms of sustainability. A sustainability label addresses various topical themes such as heat stress, climate adaptation and health by improving local air quality and social cohesion.
Raising awareness
Encouraging companies in your territory and raising awareness about the potential of sustainability offers great opportunities: not only in terms of making your city or municipality more sustainable but also as an incentive for interesting investments.
Local energy communities
Local energy communities consist of partnerships between different companies, with the aim of finding smart solutions for exchanging energy and creating a more sustainable whole by better matching supply and demand.

Our approach


Our audits serve as the basis for mapping out the current situation and creating a plan of action to evolve towards the ideal future scenario.


The action plan is put into effect by bringing together a team tailored to each new challenge. All participants are challenged to give their very best at competitive conditions, and we negotiate quality assurance with all parties involved.


We are the go-to for all parties involved and report on the progress of the project, which guarantees the qualitative completion of each project.

The benefits of collaboration

Sustainability attracts. It is not just businesses that are becoming more drawn to places with a 'green plug': citizens are also looking for the tranquillity and health benefits of a place that is mindful of the climate and well-being. Cities, municipalities and business parks can play a pioneering role by being proactive in this respect and use smart investments to make a difference.

  • Additional revenue


Companies and residents highly value cities, municipalities and business parks that are committed to sustainability and encourage active collaboration to minimise energy use.


  • A stronger image


In the long term, sustainable innovation will contribute to strengthening the image of the city, municipality or business park. This long-term approach ensures that brands continue to take consistent steps, with their 'name' becoming ever more valuable to citizens, companies or employees.

  • Lower costs


Sustainability innovation has quick and effective implications for a company's cost structure. Thanks to a new approach to processes and raw materials, energy consumption will decrease, waste will be reduced, there will be less staff turnover and the tax burden will decrease.


  • Long-term compliance


It has become a given that governments will adopt increasingly stringent measures with regard to the footprint of companies. However, tourists and citizens will also impose ever-higher demands. Thanks to investments in sustainability, which already generate interesting benefits, you can ensure that your city, municipality or business park remains relevant in the long term.

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