Windmolens produceren hernieuwbare energie

Sustainable energy production

The energy we can get from fossil fuels is finite. We are depleting our earth, and the materials we burn will never be replenished. Moreover, the burning of fossil fuels is harming the environment. If we want to stop the depletion of our planet and stop polluting it any further, the future lies in the use of natural and inexhaustible energy sources like the wind, sun and the earth's heat.

Solar energy
Did you know that only about 4% of roofs today are equipped with solar panels? It is odd, especially considering that the power generated by solar panels is cheaper than the power generated by coal. Moreover, roofs are largely unused space, which, thanks to an interesting investment, can be transformed into your very own renewable power plant.
Wind energy
Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing markets for both sustainable and conventional electricity. Investment in a wind turbine is lucrative thanks to government support. In terms of CO2 emissions, wind energy is also by far one of the most interesting renewable energy sources.
Geothermal energy
The earth's core contains heat at temperatures ranging from 2,000 to 12,000°C, which constitutes an ideal source of renewable energy thanks to geothermal energy. Using various techniques, this geothermal heat can be brought to the surface and used to produce electricity.

Our approach

Installing a wind turbine or solar installation is not an easy process. Is your terrain or roof suitable? How do you apply for a permit? How do you ensure a smooth and cost-efficient installation? And how do you deal with the concerns of stakeholders? With its 18 years of experience, Encon has developed a unique process to answer these questions. Thanks to this expertise, we can guarantee maximum return on your investment.


Our audits serve as the basis for mapping out the current situation and creating a plan of action to evolve towards the ideal future scenario.


The action plan is put into effect by bringing together a team tailored to each new challenge. All participants are challenged to give their very best at competitive conditions, and we negotiate quality assurance with all parties involved.


We are the go-to for all parties involved and report on the progress of the project, which guarantees the qualitative completion of each project.

Proactive communication with all stakeholders

The installation of a wind turbine has many benefits and represents an important step in making energy production in our country more sustainable. However, a wind turbine is also a highly visible sight in the landscape, which has an impact on many stakeholders.

Insufficient information among these stakeholders often leads to distrust, and that is obviously the last thing you want to trigger as an initiator of a wind project.

That is why we pay a lot of attention to proactively informing stakeholders in the various phases of the projects, framing any concerns without disregarding them too easily.

Using #Windpositief ('Wind positive'), we communicate very openly about the pros and (potential) cons of wind energy. We also enable the community to easily express whether they are in favour of the project. This allows you, as the initiator, to be sure that the community also supports your project, avoiding difficulties afterwards.

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A permit is worth money
Having a permit for a wind turbine comes with three choices: you can either finance the installation of the wind turbine all by yourself, sell the permit to a third party or apply for financing through an ESCO contract. We have tailor-made project supervision for all three of these routes.

An energy-efficient process without investment

If you are convinced of the necessity of making your process more energy-efficient but lack the necessary financial resources for investment, an ESCO agreement may just be the solution.

ESCO stands for Energy Service Company. An ESCO agreement essentially boils down to the fact that the ESCO company carries out an energy project in your company and also finances the investment. Through this investment, both energy consumption and the energy bill are drastically reduced. Using part of these savings, you then pay off your new installation. After the installation has been paid off, you become the full owner of the installation and benefit from a lower energy bill at no extra cost.

A key benefit of an ESCO agreement is that it does not require the company to allocate funds for the investment in the energy project. The investment is made by us and can subsequently be paid off with the energy savings achieved by the energy project. Moreover, we ensure that the amount of the repayment is lower than the energy savings achieved. As a result, you benefit from a net yield from day one.

As the company does not have to make any investments of its own, it can fully reserve its credit volume for investments in the core business. There is no need to leave room for manoeuvre in the budget as the energy project is fully self-financing. The benefit here is that the projects can be implemented more quickly and, in the case of an organisation with an international structure, there is also no need to start an approval process. Faster implementation of the energy project also ensures faster returns.

The financial benefits, however, are certainly not the only considerations that play a role in companies' decisions to work with an ESCO arrangement. A collaboration such as this also has a high degree of unburdening: the time you and your organisation need to invest in the energy project is kept to a minimum.

A comprehensive follow-up is carried out by our experts, who specialise in rolling out energy-saving projects for companies. This means that the company no longer needs specific expertise in-house and that the people with the right technical background can focus on their own projects.


The benefits of collaboration

More stringent regulations will lead to exponential growth in energy prices. In other words, energy will put increasing pressure on your cost structure. Renewable energy sources present an interesting solution to this problem. Not only will your investment be a one-off and allow you to benefit from energy that is inexhaustible afterwards, but it will also have a positive impact on your image in the long term.

  • A stronger image


Consumers, clients and employees are becoming increasingly sensitive to the way companies and brands treat their assets. The use of renewable energy sources will contribute to strengthening the image of a company, brand or product in the long term.

  • Lower costs


A company's energy consumption is an important part of its cost structure. As the prices of non-renewable energy will continue to rise, switching to renewable energy sources is a sound way of reducing costs in the long term.


  • Long-term compliance


It has become a given that governments will adopt increasingly stringent measures with regard to the footprint of companies. However, clients and consumers will also impose ever-higher demands. Sustainable asset management, which already generates interesting benefits, will ensure that your company remains relevant in the long term.

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