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Sustainability is here to stay, and it has an impact on every aspect of business operations. Whether it concerns the increasing pressure on operational margins, the need for more profitable investments or the challenge of continuing to meet the critical demands of employees and consumers, we will inspire and inform you in the way that suits you best.

Our training courses

Encon offers a wide range of training courses for both corporate executives and managers and for sustainability strategists and managers. Our masterclasses, multi-day courses and workshops can be hosted at Infinity in Bilzen, on location or online via live streaming and webinars.

Meet our experts

With over 18 years of experience, Encon is home to a host of experts in sustainability and all its facets. Meet our speakers and explore the topics they can inspire you on with their passion and enthusiasm.

Inspiring keynotes on sustainable business practices
Multi-day sustainability certification programmes

Sustainability Barometer

The sustainability barometer is an annual survey designed to assess the added value of sustainability. Unfortunately, companies still tend to assume that sustainability is costly. This survey allows us to illustrate that sustainability is primarily an opportunity for growth. The figures show that we are living in extraordinary, unprecedented times: what benefits companies, benefits the world!

The survey is carried out among 2,000 respondents by independent research agency Indiville. The survey is an essential indicator of the importance of sustainability and provides insights into what sustainability can mean for your company.

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