The office building for the next generation

Infinity is the office of the future. It is a place where we pool innovative sustainable technologies and ideas, work with prototypes and predict a feasible future. But it is also where the future is made possible; after all, only by switching to a sustainable way of building and producing will our planet have a chance of survival.

Extremely energy-efficient, an abundance of green energy and certified sustainable
One of the most sustainable offices in Europe

As the headquarters of sustainability specialist Encon, Infinity strives for the highest degree of energy efficiency. We do not use fossil fuels on our site. Moreover, we also generate our own sustainable energy, and (much) more of it than our building needs. These are just a few of the more than 100 parameters the building has been checked on and that make it particularly sustainable in every respect. So sustainable, in fact, that it has earned the two most important sustainability certificates worldwide: BREEAM and LEED.

  • Energy efficiency


More economical than a standard office building.


  • Renewable energy


Plenty of green energy left for the neighbours.


  • Certified sustainable


We use the most energy-efficient techniques, and we generate our own energy.



The Infinity concept

Encon wants to inspire companies to make their operations and growth sustainable. So, it was only logical that our own office building would become the paragon of sustainability. And we set the bar even higher for ourselves than for our clients: we try out the latest and most sustainable techniques and incorporate sustainability in all our activities. Moreover, this way of building is profitable for all our clients, from large companies engaged in mass production to smaller SMEs.

Feel right at home at Infinity

Infinity is designed to be pleasant for both the people who work there and for visitors. Everything has been thought of: the building is fitted with lighting that follows the human biorhythm; there is an unobstructed view of the outside from every office, and; the acoustics are also regulated so that it aids our people's concentration.

However, the building also has an educational function: Infinity is home to seminars and lectures on sustainability and the fight against climate change. Infinity is a source of inspiration in many ways. It shows the world what is possible in terms of sustainability, and it is a place where people work towards a better tomorrow every day in different ways.

Visit Infinity

Infinity is one of Europe's most sustainable buildings. This is demonstrated by the various energy-efficient techniques, the sustainability certificates and the on-site production of renewable energy. As a sustainability specialist, we at Encon want our headquarters to be a showcase for sustainable solutions—and an inspiration for companies, schools, associations and other interested parties.

Personalised Guided Tours

Infinity is more than a state-of-the-art building. It is a mindset that inspires and informs how we can make a difference for our future, and that of our children. So, allow yourself to be inspired and pay us a visit!

We provide personalised tours for all types of groups: schools, associations, companies or government authorities... Everyone is welcome at Infinity. It is a great educational outing for school children of all ages, but a visit to Infinity can also be an interesting company outing... Would you like a specific technical tour or rather one that focuses on sustainability in general? We tailor the content of the tour to the wishes of the group.

Lunch or dinner at our sustainable restaurant

Enjoy a sustainable snack or drink at the end of the tour. Especially since the restaurant in Infinity is a picture of sustainability: all furniture is restored, recycled or upcycled; the kitchen is equipped with the most sustainable techniques, and; the food we serve is sourced from local suppliers as much as possible. The choice is yours, whether you go for sandwiches for lunch or a more elaborate dinner; everything is possible.

Would you like to know how your company can make this happen? Pay a visit to Infinity and ask for our keynote speech.

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