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Audits are the best and quickest way of gaining insight into your company's energy consumption. After an audit, you will know where your energy consumption is optimal and where your energy costs are needlessly high. In addition, our customers are offered multiple solutions, including an overview of the costs and benefits of reducing consumption. An audit not only identifies energy savings, but also shows when in-house generation of renewable energy is a sensible investment.

Types of audits

1. Legally required audits

Some audits are required by law, for example audits within the context of the 'Besluit Energieplanning (BEP-studie)' (Energy Planning Decree - BEP study), the 'Energiebeleidsovereenkomsten (EBO)' (Energy Policy Agreements - EPA), the compulsory energy audit for large companies (EED) or audits for Leefmilieu Brussel-Bruxelles Environnement. Encon has been certified to conduct all legally required audits. Audits are usually only required for large companies or companies with high energy consumption. Businesses in the Brussels-Capital Region are subject to other obligations. Offices can also be 're-licensed', in the latter case.

2. Optional audits

All companies, whether large companies or SMEs, can have an audit carried out on their own initiative at any time, regardless of any obligation. Most SMEs are not legally required to carry out an audit. However, an audit can be very useful for smaller companies as well. In addition, audits for SMEs are reimbursed by Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship, because they are so useful and help companies to save on their (energy) costs. Audits, feasibility studies and consultancy also receive funding in the context of the 'kmo-portefeuille' (SME portfolio), for which Encon has been a certified service provider for several years.

Encon uses a specific method that allows the identification of all feasible and realistic energy saving opportunities.

Audits by Encon

In our energy projects, cost efficiency and return on capital are paramount. Our know-how, experience and pragmatic approach enable us to achieve tangible results tailored to the needs of our customers. Our approach is aimed at relieving our customers of as many burdens as possible.

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Why should you have your audit carried out by Encon?

Encon is certified for all legally required audits and may conduct audits for both energy-intensive and large companies. In addition, Encon is one of the five companies selected to carry out audits for SMEs on behalf of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

But that's not the only reason why you should choose Encon.

4 important motives for choosing Encon

All Encon audits meet four key requirements: 

  1. Practicality
    Encon always opts for sound technologies that work and have proven their reliability in the field. Encon's audits only focus on savings that pay themselves back over a reasonable period of time. Encon's audits always pay themselves back multiple times over, thanks to the savings opportunities revealed by the audit.
  2. Fewer burdens
    Because Encon can take care of both designing and implementing energy projects, it relieves its customers of the burden of implementing projects themselves.
  3. Guaranteed savings
    Due to our specific approach and our extensive experience in the field, Encon has been able to develop its own unique expertise. This ensures that the savings that were forecast during the earlier phase are actually achieved on the ground.
  4. Independence
    Encon operates in total independence. This gives Encon the freedom to choose the most cost-effective solutions from among all the options that are available on the market. The 'total cost of ownership' is our main motivation.