Werken bij Encon

Would you like to be part of a thriving company in a booming sector?

Encon develops and implements sustainable energy projects. Thanks to the know-how, experience and pragmatic approach of our team of engineers and experts, we are able to achieve significant energy savings for companies and help them with the production of renewable energy.

As a provider of professional services, Encon not only has an economic but also a major societal impact. Every day we work towards a greener and more sustainable economy and you can be a part of that.

What can Encon offer you?

A high-level multidisciplinary challenge

An exciting, multi-faceted job at a young, dynamic and expanding energy consultancy firm that serves a number of high-profile companies.


We can offer you an attractive salary according to your skills, experience and responsibilities, complemented by extra-legal benefits, including hospitalization insurance, a retirement plan and possible other job-related benefits.


Encon mainly employs highly educated employees with an affinity for energy, sustainability and technology. It is thanks to this expertise and the commitment of our employees that Encon is able to provide quality services. Encon is highly committed to the further development of the knowledge, skills and talents of each employee. Self-development is actually one of our core competencies.

Career opportunities

Given the continuous evolution of the market but also the growth of our organisation, we believe it is important for our employees to keep learning and to be given opportunities. To this end, we have created growth paths in order to allow our employees to grow in their jobs and build an attractive career within Encon.

Atmosphere and team spirit

A good working atmosphere is extremely important. That is why we conclude every Friday in our bar. This is the ideal moment to get to know your colleagues in a more informal way. Group activities are also regularly organised, such as teambuilding, a family day, breakfasts, etc. In addition, a number of activities are organised by the colleagues themselves, such as a table tennis tournament, indoor football matches, bicycle rides, etc.

Work-life balance

Working at Encon in its innovative Infinity building ensures a good work-life balance for all employees. Telecommuting is stimulated and there are several services within Infinity to ensure that the time spent out of office is used optimally. Our sports department is based on the motto 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. At Infinity, we have adapted the workstations to ensure that the work can be carried out in optimal conditions. Consideration is given to the strict requirements for acoustic integration, human-centric lighting and a very pleasant climate (see below for more information).


Being an innovative company, Encon is constantly striving for innovation. Encon is currently based in Infinity, one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe. We aim to be the benchmark in terms of energy consumption and new ways of working. For us, 'Infinity' is the office of the future. To this end, our new headquarters will include the best available technologies, such as:

  • Our own wind turbine & solar energy facilities
  • A living showroom of techniques
  • Our own restaurant
  • A fitness area
  • Services for employees (bread, ironing, etc.)
  • The first building of its kind in the world with a BREEAM and LEED certification
  • Integration of new ways of working and integration with nature
  • Acoustics

An average office worker wastes an average of 86 minutes a day due to distractions. Investing in good acoustics can reduce this time loss by 30 percent! At least, that is what an experiment by the leading Stockholm-based Stress Research Institute has shown. This kind of investment would also significantly reduce stress levels. At Infinity, an acoustic study was carried out, the results of which were also put into practice. When selecting the doors, windows, feed-throughs and technical installations, additional investments were made with regard to acoustics.

  • Heating and cooling

Climate ceilings were chosen for both heating and cooling. Radiant heating and cooling offer the highest level of comfort, and produce no noise, minimal air flow and no draught effects. Moreover, this form of heating and cooling is very energy efficient.

  • Human-centric lighting

Human-Centric Lighting involves adapting the lighting to the users' needs in order to achieve a fine balance between daylight and artificial light. The colour temperature in the office is controlled in between cold light and warm light. After all, light has been regulating our biological clock since the beginning of time. Offices are one of the most effective application areas for Human-Centric Lighting. It promotes concentration, creativity and performance, not only due to activating, but also to calming light.

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Gender equality

We are very committed to gender equality and equal opportunities for women and men. More importantly, we are also putting this into practice, because Encon employs many women.


In the short term, a greener economy will create a boom in the renewable energy market. In addition, the latest IPCC report is very clear: if we do nothing about global warming, the consequences will be catastrophic, also for Belgium. Energy savings will play a crucial role in combating global warming and achieving climate goals. In the near future, saving energy will no longer be a choice, but an absolute necessity.

At Encon, you can contribute to this change and create an impact yourself.