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Wind energy

Are your company premises suitable for installing a wind turbine? Answering this question is not that easy. For those who embark on a wind energy project without the necessary know-how and experience, the road can be long. Moreover, the chances that the project will culminate in one or more wind turbines are very slim.

With Encon, this lack of certainty is reduced considerably. Over the years, Encon has managed the permit application procedure and construction of over 100 wind turbines. This experience has resulted in a unique monitoring programme that reduces the (financial) risk of each phase to a minimum. The results are astonishing. Although on average less than 20% of all submitted permit applications are eventually approved, Encon's projects achieve a permit rate of more than 80%. This success is only made possible by our specific and unique project approach, which is based on more than 18 years of experience in the wind energy sector.

Encon Action Plan

Our project management plan comprises two phases:

  • Pre-permit phase
  • Post-permit phase

During the pre-permit phase, our specific aim is to obtain the permit in a cost-efficient manner. After that, there are two options: either sell the permit to a third party or build the wind turbine yourself. In both cases, we can offer you project management tailored to your needs. We can tender the permit for you, but can also provide assistance during the post-permit phase to acquire, build and operate the wind turbine yourself over a period of 20 years.

    For just € 1,950, we can determine what your chances are.

    Step 1: Pre-permit phase - Plot scan

    This plot scan is unique and was developed by Encon.

    • During the plot scan, our experts will examine the location of your plot and check it against an extensive list of important parameters that will play a role in the assessment of your permit application.
    • These include the proximity of residential and natural areas, areas covered by the Birds Directive, aviation regulations and so on. Your plot will be assessed on the basis of more than 25 different parameters that will give you an idea of the obstacles to installing a wind turbine.

    If the result of the plot scan proves to be positive, it is worth the effort to further explore the possibilities of having your own wind turbine. If the plot scan reveals potential problems, we will examine with our experts whether it is worthwhile to continue with your own wind turbine project.

    Please click here for an example of a plot scan.

    Step 2: Pre-permit phase - Feasibility studies

    During the feasibility study, we will look more closely into two important aspects of each wind turbine project:

    • We use the plot scan as a basis for a detailed analysis of specific parameters that may cause problems during the permit application phase. We will also examine how we can overcome and solve problems in order to increase your chances of success in obtaining the permit.
    • We will also analyse which investment offers the highest return, while taking into account the location and local wind climate. The technology being used, the rotor diameter and the output of the installation are parameters which are not identical for every project and which can differ significantly in terms of yield and permit requirements.

    An Encon feasibility study is much more than a feasibility study

    An Encon feasibility study actually entails much more than a conventional feasibility study. Our version goes beyond a mere technical analysis of the environmental and permit requirements that can be carried out from behind a desk. During our feasibility study, we typically conduct 10 to 12 informal meetings with bodies that will deliver a recommendation during the permit application process.

    During these meetings, we can find out what needs to be taken into account when developing this project.

    Step 3: Pre-permit phase - Permit application

    Based on the feasibility study and the results of the informal meetings, it will be decided whether or not to submit an application for a comprehensive environmental permit ('Omgevingsvergunning'). This application will be addressed to the provincial or regional authorities according to the size of the project. Encon will take care of all the preparations and documents (including all relevant annexes) needed for the permit before submitting the application. Encon will then ensure the follow-up of the permit application until the permit is granted.

    The permit application includes the following documents:

    • Application forms;
    • Implementation plans compliant with the standards code;
    • Location document (specific for wind energy);
    • Overall environmental review;
    • Compliance with local regulations;
    • Compliance with EIA (environmental impact assessment) requirements;
    • Preparation of a communication campaign;

    Step 4: Post-permit phase - Tender requirements with specific guarantees

    On the basis of the granted permits and the feasibility study, an optimisation study will be carried out to determine the most suitable wind turbine type(s) for the location(s) in question, while taking into account the local wind climate, the orography and the roughness of the surrounding area.

    There are considerable differences in yield in a given wind climate between various brands of wind turbines. It is therefore important to select the right wind turbine for the given wind climate and location(s).

    Depending on the location and various other parameters, there are considerable differences in terms of yield between the various types of wind turbine. The yield of different wind turbines with the same capacity can vary by more than 20%.

    The tender requirements for wind turbine projects prepared by Encon are very specific and contain many essential prerequisites. These tender specifications can be divided into 3 separate sets:

    • Specifications regarding the supply and installation of the wind turbine(s) + maintenance;
    • Specifications regarding the foundation and infrastructure works (roads + crane platforms);
    • Specifications regarding electrical engineering (electrical connections + cabling).

    Based on this subdivision, very specific parameters and requirements can be defined for each component, along with the associated guarantees.

    Step 5: Post-permit phase - Tendering phase

    A call for tenders will be issued on the basis of the customised tender requirements. The submitted tenders of the various contractors will be compared carefully, comprehensively and systematically to ensure that they comply with the parameters and award criteria set out in the scope statement.

    During the negotiation round, the three best tenderers will have the opportunity to improve their tender in those areas where they did not score as well as the competition. The contractor with the most cost-effective high-quality proposal will be awarded the contract. This may not always be the contractor offering the cheapest installation, because we look at the investment costs, maintenance costs, yield and the technical and administrative parameters (such as guarantees, insurance, etc.) in their entirety. After the award of the contract, Encon will also manage the contractual phase up to and including the signing of the final contract.

    Our unique 'procurement method' has a financial impact on the investment cost and guarantees in every domain, making it easy to demonstrate the added value of Encon.

    Step 6: Post-permit phase - Site supervision and coordination

    After the contract has been awarded during the tendering phase, Encon also offers site monitoring and commissioning of the project during the final phase.

    Encon's objective during site monitoring for a wind turbine project is to ensure at all times that all tender requirements and contractual agreements are respected. In addition, Encon monitors the agreed scope, planning and budget of the project. Throughout the entire project, Encon will be the general point of contact and strive to relieve its client of as much burdens as possible.

    An overall planning of all the works related to the project will be prepared, which will into account the set implementation deadlines for the various contractors. The implementation plans of the contractors and subcontractors will be updated in the event of changes and distributed among the various parties involved in the project. Encon's project manager will be the central point of contact for all contractors with regard to communication about the works.

    The following tasks are part of the tender specifications for the various stages of the wind turbine project. These stages include:

    • Preparatory infrastructure works (crane platform + access roads);
    • Driving/screwing of the foundation piles;
    • Drilling of the foundation well;
    • Installation of the reinforcement for the foundation;
    • Pouring of the concrete foundation;
    • Installation and connection of a medium-voltage electrical substation or modification of the existing medium-voltage substation;
    • Installation of the wiring from the wind turbine all the way to the medium-voltage substation;
    • Coordination for transporting the wind turbine components;
    • Mounting of the crane;
    • Installation of the mast, nacelle, rotor and hub of the wind turbine;
    • Commissioning of the wind turbine;
    • Wind turbine test run.

    As a result of Encon's project management, a high-quality wind turbine can be obtained, implementation risks are avoided and the contractual yield guarantees are achieved as a minimum.

    After completion of the project, commissioning will take place according to the tender specifications. Encon's project manager, along with the client and the contractor's project manager, will organise an inspection of the site to assess all the work that has been carried out. The contractor's as-built file will also be examined. A specific checklist will be reviewed and a written report will be drafted.

    Although this may seem an obvious step, it is not. Our experts will ensure that the plant has been installed according to plan and that all components comply with the tender requirements. This way, you not only get the installation you have paid for, but also the installation which offers the best performance.

    Why should you rely on Encon to build your wind turbine?

    • Increased likelihood to succeed: if the success rate is low, we will tell you right away
    • Cost reduction: our action plan will save you money during both the pre-permit and post-permit phases
    • Increased yield: the exact same plant will have a higher yield thanks to our approach and the right choice of wind turbine to suit the local climate
    • Risk reduction: we reduce the risk with our guaranteed ROI
    • More help and less stress: so you can invest less time in the project

    Practical experience

    Encon is one of very few consultancy firms in Europe to manage wind energy projects. We took care of the project management ourselves in order to build a wind turbine on our own premises and combine the pre-permit and post-permit phases. You can have a look at our wind energy project on the Encon website or on:

    Our wind turbine is located on the Encon site at Bilzen, close to the Infinity building. You can make an appointment to visit the Encon experience centre and discuss the practical aspects of wind turbine construction.

    A visit can be planned through our website or on: