Thematic audits

Have a technique fully screened

In a majority of cases, a general audit provides a good picture of a company's energy consumption. This type of audit shows where profitable investments in energy saving can be made. During the engineering phase later, it will become clear whether this savings potential is greater than had been calculated in the audit phase.

Why have a thematic audit?

Sometimes a general audit is not sufficient, especially in the case of more complex installations whose use/consumption fluctuates greatly. In such cases, a thematic audit, which is an audit for a specific technique, is appropriate.

The most requested thematic audits at Encon:

  • Utilities
    • Compressed air
    • Lighting
    • Cooling
    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)
    • Steam
    • Geothermal energy
  • Thermal processes and process installations
    • Process heat
    • Residual heat optimisation
    • Process cooling - industrial refrigeration equipment
    • Optimisation of production processes (drying processes, batch processes, etc.)
  • Renewable energy
    • Wind energy
    • Solar energy
    • CHP (cogeneration)
    • Wood-combustion heater installations

Why Encon?

All Encon audits meet four key requirements:

  1. Practicality
    Encon always opts for sound technologies that work and have proven their reliability in the field. Encon's audits only focus on savings that pay themselves back over a reasonable period of time. Encon's audits always pay themselves back multiple times over, thanks to the savings opportunities revealed by the audit.
  2. Fewer burdens
    Because Encon can take care of both designing and implementing energy projects, it relieves its customers of the burden of implementing projects themselves.
  3. Guaranteed savings
    Due to our specific approach and our extensive experience in the field, Encon has been able to develop its own unique expertise. This ensures that the savings that were forecast during the earlier phase are actually achieved on the ground.
  4. Independence
    Encon operates in total independence. This gives Encon the freedom to choose the most cost-effective solutions from among all the options that are available on the market. The 'total cost of ownership' is our main motivation.

Implementation experience as an asset over traditional consultancy firms

Because implementing energy saving techniques is also part of Encon's standard services, our experts not only have in-depth expertise, but can also rely on their extensive hands-on experience. This offers two important advantages.

1. Correct estimation of the savings

Thanks to their experience, Encon's experts not only know the potential performance of an installation in theory. They also know how installations of different brands will behave in practice. This obviously increases the reliability of the projected savings.

2. Correct estimation of the investment cost

Achieving savings is an important aspect of a project. The correct estimation of the costs is another aspect, which in practice often proves even more difficult to estimate correctly than the cost savings. Thanks to their extensive hands-on experience, our experts are able to estimate the costs of a solution very accurately. Nevertheless, they still apply a safety margin.

As a result, the costs estimated in the thematic audit are usually correct or even turn out to be lower.