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Solar energy, a reliable form of energy in every aspect...

Almost nowhere is the difference Encon can make to a customer as clear and visible as in a solar energy project. Thanks to our experience and approach, we have already completed more than 8,000,000 m² of solar energy projects in recent years. These included projects ranging from 100 kWp (roof area of +/- 1,000 m²) up to 25 MWp (land area of +/- 20 hectares).

This is not only because of the extensive experience of our experts, but also because of the specific approach we have developed over the years to assist our clients during PV projects. This approach ensures that you not only get the best equipment, but also the best and most reliable service from your installer. These two factors combined will be critical to the yield.

Why should you call upon us if installers can provide you with a detailed quotation as well?

While the answer to this question may seem obvious, the added value of Encon can be considerable and it can be substantiated as well. The costs charged by Encon for the entire project management phase can be recouped between 5 and 7 times for each project over 100 kWp. Additional time savings and risk reduction also need to be taken into account.

Action Plan – Encon PV Step-by-Step Plan

Step 1: Action plan prior to becoming a customer - PV scan

Using aerial photographs, we can determine the surface area and orientation of your roof(s).
This information is sufficient to perform a preliminary cost-benefit analysis. As with all our fields of expertise, these initial estimates are very conservative.
If this initial PV scan shows that investing in a PV plant is profitable, you can be certain that it will be financially worthwhile to proceed with the project.

Step 2: Feasibility study & concept study

Customised PV scan

If this PV scan reveals a PV installation to be a sensible investment for your company, a customised version of this PV scan will be the next step. During this scan, different variables will be examined in order to further enhance the project from the preliminary cost-benefit analysis and to maximize its profitability.

The level of performance of a solar energy project depends on various factors, with the weakest link determining the eventual yield. Encon will identify these weak links to deal with them. We will also try to address these weak links in the scope statement that will be prepared later during the tendering phase. Encon has also developed a simulation programme that allows the expected energy yield to be calculated on the basis of last year's solar irradiation. As a result, the dimensioning of your PV system can be tailored as much as possible to your company's consumption.

Based on the information obtained from the analyses, different scenarios can be compared with each other. Each of these offers a different return, but also entails different investment costs. All these calculations ultimately result in a customisation report in which the various concepts will be presented, each with their own costs, return and eventual return on investment, all of them tailored to your company's needs.

Please click here for a simulation of the electricity consumption versus production for your future PV project.

Step 3: Your customised scope statement including specific guarantees

After a client has opted for a specific solution based on Encon's advice, the installation will be developed and detailed in a scope statement tailored to the client's needs. For Encon, this is by no means a routine task. The experience of our experts and our advanced techniques enable us to increase the efficiency of your installation by up to 15%. For each project, we can prove this using our comprehensive comparative methodology.

Encon's scope statements for PV installations are very specific and contain many essential conditions:

Encon's scope statements for PV installations are very specific and contain many essential conditions:

  • For example, our scope statements contain a performance guarantee clause for a 20-year period. For each installation, we will be using a solar irradiation meter. Based on the solar irradiation that is actually being measured, independent tests will be carried out to verify whether the guaranteed yield is actually being achieved. Thanks to our scope statement and our approach, the contractor who was awarded the contract can guarantee a high but realistic yield. If, after inspection, the PV installation fails to meet the contractual target (e.g. due to failure or defects), the contractor will have to compensate for the difference. Our scope statement also includes a number of specific clauses to ensure that our clients will effectively generate the promised returns, depending on how bright the sun shines in a particular region.
  • Our scope statement also includes a 'parent company guarantee'. After all, excellent conditions will no longer provide any added value for the project, if a contractor is no longer able to meet them. In that case, the parent company will guarantee the contractual arrangements.
  • In addition to the above guarantees, our scope statement also provides specific guarantees with regard to products and power that apply to the various components of the PV installation.

Step 4: Tendering phase 

A call for tenders will be issued in the solar energy market on the basis of the customised tender requirements. The submitted tenders of the various contractors will be compared carefully, comprehensively and systematically to ensure that they comply with the parameters and award criteria set out in the tender requirements.

During the negotiation round, the 3 best tenderers will have the opportunity to improve their tender in those areas where they did not score as well as the competition. The contractor with the most cost-effective high-quality proposal will be awarded the contract. This may not always be the contractor offering the cheapest installation, because we look at the investment costs, maintenance costs, yield and the technical and administrative parameters (such as guarantees, insurance, etc.) in their entirety. After the award of the contract, Encon will also manage the contractual phase up to and including the signing of the final contract.

In addition to the optimisation during the customisation phase, our 'procurement method' also contributes to a visible, financial impact on the investment cost and yield, which is a clear indication of the added value provided by Encon.

Step 5: Site follow-up and commissioning

After awarding the contract during the tendering phase, Encon also takes care of site follow-up and the completion of the project in the final phase.

Encon's objective during the site follow-up of a PV project is to ensure at all times that the requirements set out in the tender specifications and contract are effectively met. In addition, Encon will also monitor the agreed scope, planning and budget of the project. Encon will be the general point of contact for the entire duration of the project and will strive to relieve the customer of as many burdens as possible.

Project management by Encon allows for high-quality implementation of the PV project, avoiding operational risks and achieving the contractual ROI guarantees. Our follow-up also ensures a higher yield of the PV project during its entire life cycle.

After finishing the works, it is time for the installation to be commissioned. Encon's project manager, accompanied by the client and the contractor's project manager, will organise a tour to check and inspect the work. The contractor's as-built file will also be examined. Finally, a checklist of items will be reviewed and an official report will be drafted.

Commissioning of the project includes 2 stages, i.e. provisional and final commissioning. Final commissioning will take place one year after accepting the provisional commissioning. During final commissioning, Encon will also check whether the yield of the PV plant corresponds to the contractually guaranteed yield by means of an independent calculation.

Although this may seem an obvious step, it is not. Our experts will ensure that the plant has been installed according to plan and that all components comply with the tender requirements. This way, you not only get the installation you have paid for, but also the installation which offers the best performance.​

Why should you entrust your PV project to Encon?

  • Cost reduction: we ensure that you get the best deal available for a predefined quality;
  • Increased yield: thanks to our approach, the same installation will have a higher yield;
  • Risk reduction: we reduce risk thanks to our performance guarantee;
  • Monitoring and less stress: you can limit the time you have to invest in the project.