Our approach for industrial clients

Encon is an independent energy consulting firm with more than 17 years of experience in energy saving, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability projects for industrial companies. Based on this experience, Encon has developed a specific approach based on the trias energetica. The sequence can be adapted to the client's wishes according to the measures to be taken, the regulations and the projects that have already been carried out.

  • Phase 1: basic audits with a focus on energy legislation, quickwins and the screening of utilities;
  • Phase 2: implementation of savings projects with payback periods in the short term and between 2 and 5 years. During this phase, a decision will also be made whether to install an energy monitoring system;
  • Phase 3: creating staff commitment by conducting awareness-raising campaigns;
  • Phase 4: optimisation of the processes by means of operational excellence and in close cooperation with the customer's staff;
  • Phase 5: analysis and implementation of renewable energy and/or CHP;
  • Phase 6: implementation of a management system, such as ISO 50.001, to ensure the continuity of the savings;
  • Phase 7: support for various investments in sustainability, such as BREEAM/LEED/WELL & investments in Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • In order to draw up a plan, the potential is first analysed in order to set the targets in the best possible way. When we detect a real potential to actually reduce your energy consumption, we will draw up a savings plan that is fully tailored to your company.

We only draw up a savings plan when the potential savings are really profitable for your business and have a limited payback period. This period varies from project to project. Some investments pay themselves back in a few months, while others require a longer payback period. In any case, they will be profitable investments both in the short and long term. Because we only use quality products, your new installation will stay up to date for at least 20 years, which will be much longer than the payback period of your investment.

Your savings plan will be drawn up in such a way that the changes with the greatest savings potential will be carried out first. Other projects will then follow depending on their profitability or importance. Of course, implementation only happens after consultation with your company.