Shop floor sessions

Let your employees show you potential savings

Whether as part of an EPA procedure, another audit formula or simply because you want to make your business more sustainable, your employees can be of immense value when looking for energy savings opportunities.

Employees know the equipment they work with each day and their working environment through and through. This means that they have a very personal view, a view from the inside, of all the techniques and procedures used. As a result, employees often spot savings opportunities that experts without the same practical knowledge fail to notice. Conversely, these experts can often give people in the workplace valuable advice on use and changes.

What are shop floor sessions?

In order to make optimal use of the advantages outlined above, Encon has developed a specific method to match the practical expertise of people in the workplace with the technical expertise of energy specialists. We like to call that method our 'shop floor sessions'.

Based on the size of facilities, buildings and factory halls, work floor sessions will be organised with all staff who are familiar with the relevant infrastructure. Each group will participate in at least two sessions: one in which staff will be able to give their views on the installation, its operation and the savings potential, views to which Encon's experts will have the opportunity to respond and react. And then there will be one session where the opposite happens: Encon's experts will have the opportunity to propose potential savings opportunities and solutions, to which the staff members can then respond. The second session will also include feedback on the ideas expressed by staff members.

Why organize shop floor sessions with Encon?

Our shop floor sessions are very effective and produce better results than a conventional approach. Moreover, the benefits go beyond mere savings.

1. Optimising the savings potential

By combining the insights of the users in the workplace and the know-how and experience of experts, additional savings can be discovered.

2. Support for the proposed changes

Because the people who work with the facilities on a daily basis are directly involved in choosing the best solution, it becomes their solution as well. This provides additional support during installation and subsequent use.

3. Commitment

On a more general level, our workfloor sessions create a general sense of involvement. Because the input of employees is explicitly valued, they themselves come up with additional savings opportunities and insights that have never been mentioned before.

Why Operational Excellence?

  1. It creates continuity: companies can handle it themselves.
  2. It is consistent with the ISO50.001 objectives.