Lighting / Relighting

In terms of energy consumption, lighting is the most challenging of all utilities in a company. It is taken for granted and therefore goes unnoticed, as long as it is working properly.

However, there is a good chance that the lighting in your company too is needlessly consuming a lot of energy, even if it is not that old. The potential savings from replacing lighting installations are often immense. A savings potential of 70% and more is not uncommon. In addition, savings can also be made in terms of maintenance and replacement. Modern LED lighting offers far more operating hours than any other type of lighting, provided you choose a high-quality model.

Why work with Encon?

If you are thinking about replacing your lighting system, talking to your installer would seem like the most obvious step. It is not, however. It is not only wiser, but also more cost-effective to call upon Encon first. The money you spend on Encon can be recouped many times over during this project thanks to a unique, step-by-step approach that Encon has more than 17 years of experience with.

    Step 1: A free savings potential screening

    During a free savings potential screening, an Encon lighting expert will analyse the existing installation and its surroundings. Considering the wide range of luminaires and lighting solutions available, an overview of the requirements for changing the lighting installation will be provided by means of a checklist. The motives for replacement may be:

    • Cost savings, energy savings and return on investment
    • Legislation, compliance and safety
    • Necessity
    • Convenience
    • Image & Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Innovation

    Depending on the priorities, the appropriate concept for the new lighting system will be selected.

    Step 2: An independent lighting study as a starting point

    With so many LED lighting solutions, it is important to choose or compare a lighting concept. Encon is an independent specialist in lighting projects offering a unique approach. Encon has developed three different approaches for this purpose:

    • Low-cost lighting solutions
    • Tough condition lighting solutions
    • Innovation lighting solutions

    For each of the three solutions, a lighting study will be carried out.

    Please click here for an example of a comparative lighting study

    Step 3: Tendering​

    As an independent party, Encon not only designs installations, but also conducts tendering procedures in order to reduce both the cost of the materials and the installation cost. The combination of years of experience with the implementation of lighting projects and the periodic tendering procedures allows Encon to work out a specific proposal for the implementation of a lighting project. In addition to a cost-benefit analysis of the suppliers, the technical and administrative conditions (including the warranty conditions) are also negotiated in detail.

    Step 4: Quotation offering different options

    The tendering procedure results in a customised offer including an independent comparison of the various lighting solutions. Depending on the requirements, we can also provide specific control systems that are fully tailored to the specific situation within your company. In almost all cases, our quotation will consist of different scenarios. We only propose installations with a high return on investment that will quickly pay themselves back thanks to the energy savings. Most of Encon's relighting projects have a payback period of between 1 and 4 years, which includes the purchase price of the luminaires and the costs of installation and studies.

    Step 5: Installation and site follow-up​

    Encon does not only design your lighting system: we can also install the solution you have chosen. This method offers several advantages:

    • Encon reduces stress for its clients by combining project management and risk reduction during the tendering phase.
    • Encon only selects solid and reliable solutions that have already proven their worth on the ground. Guarantees are also provided as to the performance of the new lighting installation.
    • You can rest assured that you will get the installation and achieve the savings you were promised.