The ISO50.001 energy management standard

Maintaining and further improving good performance

ISO introduced the 50.001 standard on 17 June 2011. This ISO standard lays down the procedures for energy management in companies and large organisations. Encon helps your organization achieve this ISO standard.

Why get an ISO 50.001?

A study by Encon has found that energy management based on the ISO 50.001 standard offers important advantages for a company. This programme is closely linked to all aspects of efficient energy saving as described on this website. The ISO standard adds a long-term follow-up procedure to ensure that the efforts made in the past are being monitored and that additional steps will be taken when they are useful or necessary.

If your company is allowed to display the ISO 50.001 logo beneath its name, this is undoubtedly good for your image. Companies that comply with this standard make significant efforts for the environment.

Basically, the implementation of energy management is a sign of good corporate leadership. It also offers significant financial and operational benefits, benefits that will only increase in the future.

What does this standard entail?

The ISO 50.001 standard offers a number of clear procedures for the various aspects of energy management:

  • These procedures help companies to use current energy consumers more efficiently.
  • This standard creates transparency and helps to communicate about the management of energy resources.
  • This standard promotes best practices and reinforces good practices in energy management.
  • The assessment of energy-saving technologies is made easier and these procedures also help to set the right priorities for implementation.
  • There are specific management programmes for the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • These procedures are easy to combine with other management systems (environment, health, safety).

Why Encon?

  1. Speed
  2. Less stress
  3. Focus on cost efficiency and budgets: by using the ISO scan to show what the efforts and costs will be.
  4. Pragmatic and customised: based on desk research in consultation with your company, all possibilities will be mapped out realistically.