Saving energy by changing behaviour

Nearly all companies and organisations can achieve significant cost savings by replacing current equipment and techniques with energy-efficient alternatives. This is a very efficient way to save energy, but it's not the only one...

Wh​o or what is ENO? 

A lot of energy is lost due to 'sub-optimal behaviour' of employees. Or to put it in other words: a lot of energy can be saved if your employees change their behaviour. We have learnt from experience that a change in behaviour can lead to savings of 10% to 15% on average.

To this end, Encon has developed a method to actively influence the energy behaviour of employees at work. That method is called ENO, after the character that plays a central role in it...

Why ENO?

In essence, ENO is an awareness-raising campaign, but it's also more than that. ENO is not a standard campaign like so many others...

ENO campaigns make use of special techniques in two different areas. The system uses accurate measurements and realistic savings opportunities as a starting point, and also uses a specific theme to motivate employees and involve them in sustainability objectives.

Engaging concept

The essence of an ENO campaign is that savings are not about euros, but about CO2. These savings are associated with the future of our planet. We make this fact tangible by linking these savings to the future of the employees' own children and grandchildren using ENO.

ENO is a character from a child's drawing that has come to life. It shows employees where they can save energy while at work, on the road or at home. ENO is new, fresh, honest and to-the-point. Above all, ENO engages employees and their children or grandchildren in a personal and active way. The employees' children and grandchildren even provide the central campaign image. This makes ENO not only a personalized campaign of and for your company, but also for your employees and their families.

The following figure gives an overview of the action plan for an ENO campaign:

Focusing on results

People are quite willing to change their behaviour if they know why and if they find that their efforts also yield results.

That's why every ENO campaign starts with an extensive screening that not only shows where a change in behaviour can save energy, but also how much can be saved.

The screening is repeated at regular intervals in order to map out the efforts of the employees and the associated results. These results will then be addressed in detail during the campaign.

The following link provides an overview of various examples of campaign images