Energy policy agreements - EBO

Companies wishing to participate in the Energy Policy Agreements (previously known as the Benchmark or Audit Covenant) are required to have an audit carried out every four years.

Requirements and procedures

The audits under the energy policy agreements apply to companies with a primary annual consumption of more than 0.1 PJ.

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When can a company join the Energy Policy Agreement and how does it do so? You can always contact us for more detailed information.

In return for the efforts made by companies, the EPA offers several advantages:

  • Cost savings through increased energy efficiency
  • Exemption from the four-yearly implementation of the Vlarem energy plan (section 4.9.1) for existing installations (primary energy consumption ≥ 0.5 PJ) and new installations (primary energy consumption ≥ 0.1 PJ)
  • Reduction of excise duties on natural gas
  • Degressivity of federal levies and of offshore electricity supplements
  • Exemption from property tax
  • Subsidies such as Ecology bonus plus and Strategic ecology support can be granted.
  • No additional government requirements on energy efficiency


Why should you call in Encon?

Encon has developed an action plan specifically for EBO companies with a positive impact on savings and payback periods. This action plan applies to various sectors: plastics, chemicals, food, construction, textiles, steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, paper and cardboard, as well as the wood industry, etc.

All Encon audits meet four key requirements:

    1. Practicality
      Encon always opts for sound technologies that work and have proven their reliability in the field. Encon's audits only focus on savings that pay themselves back over a reasonable period of time. Encon's audits always pay themselves back multiple times over, thanks to the savings opportunities revealed by the audit.
    2. Fewer burdens
      Because Encon can take care of both designing and implementing energy projects, it relieves its customers of the burden of implementing projects themselves.
    3. Guaranteed savings
      Due to our specific approach and our extensive experience in the field, Encon has been able to develop its own unique expertise. This ensures that the savings that were forecast during the earlier phase are actually achieved on the ground.
    4. Independence
      Encon operates in total independence. This gives Encon the freedom to choose the most cost-effective solutions from among all the options that are available on the market. The 'total cost of ownership' is our main motivation.

    Staff are involved using a unique methodology

    Encon's experts know from experience that people in the workplace know and understand their machines and equipment very well. As a result, they can spot potential savings that specialists, no matter how experienced, cannot.

    At Encon, we have developed a new approach in which we involve the know-how and insights of people in the workplace in order to calculate potential savings. Through interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions, we involve employees from all levels of the company. Management, operators and technical staff all sit at the same table to think about possible energy-saving measures.

    This unique approach offers two important advantages

    1. Encon's experts will gain new insights into operations and savings potential, which will allow them to identify a greater savings potential.
    2. Discussions will create greater support, making it much easier and quicker for behavioural changes to take place.



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