Energy Planning Decree (Besluit Energieplanning)

Companies that are subject to the conditions of the 'Energy Planning Decree' (Act of 16 July 2004) are required to draw up an energy plan when renewing their environmental permit. If the existing environmental permit is expanded, an energy study is required. In addition, companies that are subject to the Energy Planning Decree are required to report annually to the Verification Board. In addition to the Energy Planning Decree, your company can also join the Energy Policy Agreements. In that case, you will also be required to draw up an energy plan.

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Encon can help you to draw up an energy plan, carry out an energy study, prepare the annual reports and implement the measures.

Does the Energy Planning Decree apply to your company?

Companies with an annual primary energy consumption of 0.1 PJ are required to carry out energy analyses within the context of the 'Energy Planning Decree' (Act of 16 July 2004). 0.1 PJ corresponds to an annual electricity consumption of 11.1 GWh or an annual natural gas consumption of 36 GWh. If an expansion of the plant causes the threshold of 0.1 PJ to be exceeded, an energy plan is also required.

Why should you choose Encon?

  1. Speed
    Companies that are required to carry out an audit in the context of the Energy Planning Decree usually have to have it carried out quickly. Encon takes a flexible approach in order to be able to start the audit quickly.
  2. Practicality
    Encon always opts for sound technologies that work and have proven their reliability in the field. Encon's audits only focus on savings that pay themselves back over a reasonable period of time. Encon's audits always pay themselves back multiple times over, thanks to the savings opportunities revealed by the audit.
  3. Fewer burdens
    Encon supervises the process within the framework of the Energy Planning Decree (BEP) and all necessary administration.
  4. Independence
    Encon operates in total independence. This gives Encon the freedom to choose the most cost-effective solutions from among all the options that are available on the market. The 'total cost of ownership' is our main motivation.

Which audit is recommended for you?

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