Electrical installation

Electrical equipment

We at Encon design high-voltage installations, low-voltage installations and low-voltage technologies. Given the wide range of electrical components and brands on offer, our assistance in finding the right solution will not only save you time, but also money. When designing an electrical installation, it is important to carry out proper dimensioning.

Here at Encon, we design the following installations:

  • Medium-voltage installations
    • Medium-voltage substation
    • Dimensioning & determining short-circuit power
  • Low-voltage
    • Design of lighting installation (emergency lighting, indoor & outdoor lighting)
    • Low-Voltage Switchboards & Electric Switchboards
    • Elevators
    • Operation & visualization
    • KNX integration
    • Location of sockets, control panels and electrical consumers
    • Integration of controls & automation
  • Data
    • Design of data plan
    • Design of data racks & switchgear
    • Wireless network & LAN
  • Low-voltage technologies
    • Fire detection
    • Door phones
    • Telephones
    • Access control
    • Security alarms
    • Camera surveillance

Why work with Encon?

Using our many years of experience in the design and optimisation of electrical installations, Encon has developed a step-by-step approach for optimising existing and new electrical installations.

Step 1: Estimating the savings potential and budgeting

The first step in our optimisation plan is to analyse the existing electrical system or the new electrical equipment. In order to find potential energy savings, Encon will pay you a visit and perform a free scan of the savings potential. You will subsequently receive a quotation from us, tailored to your specific situation.

Due to Encon's many years of experience in project engineering, we have developed extensive expertise in drawing up a realistic budget for your new electrical installation (combination of medium-voltage installations, low-voltage installations and low-voltage technologies). We know from experience that a budget is very difficult to estimate at the beginning of a project, but it is essential when choosing the right technology. A budget can be calculated for an installation costing € 100,000 up to € 5,000,000.

Step 2: Designing the ideal, customised system - Engineering

A design study starts with the following tasks:

  • inventory of the various consumers
  • preparing a construction drawing with wiring and layout diagrams
  • performing cable calculations
  • dimensioning electrical equipment
  • preparing electrical diagrams

Please click here for an example of a construction drawing with wiring and layout diagrams when designing a new electrical installation.

During the preliminary design phase, the electrical installation will be dimensioned and drawn on the existing contruction plans. This will provide the customer with a clear picture of the impact of the new electrical installation. Based on previous projects and our extensive knowledge of the market, we will be able to make a first realistic estimate of the required budget for medium- & low-voltage installations and low-voltage technologies as early as the design phase. This will be done without any obligation on your part a few days after you have sent us your design. If, as a result, your plans are beginning to take shape, you can call upon Encon not only to customise your solution and select the most suitable supplier, but also to closely monitor the implementation of your project. During the engineering phase, all possible imprecisions will be dealt with and the budget that will serve as the basis for the measurement statements during the tendering procedure will be accurately calculated.

Step 3: A good scope statement and a correct comparison of tenders

Being an independent party, Encon not only designs installations, but can also monitor both the tendering procedure and the final installation. A scope statement will be drafted based on the selected concept. After tendering, a comparative study will be made of the investment costs, operating costs, maintenance costs and the technical set-up of the installation. This allows us to create reliable models to predict the final cost of the various options. The scope statement also specifies the main preconditions. Subsequently, the tenders submitted by the various suppliers will be compared in detail. For each aspect, Encon will check whether the tender meets the requirements of the scope statement and prices will be compared. In a second phase, the three best tenderers will have the opportunity to improve their tenders in those areas where they did not

Step 4: Installation follow-up: what you pay is what you get

Once the contract has been awarded, the project managers can also monitor the implementation of the project for you. This will result in less stress for the customer, but, most of all, it offers you the assurance that the work will be carried out according to the scope statement. This type of monitoring ensures that you get what you are paying for.

This type of monitoring ensures that you get what you are paying for: a reliable high-quality installation that will yield at least the savings that have been calculated.

3 reasons for calling upon Encon

A new electrical installation can be bought directly from an installer or a manufacturer. It would seem cheaper to go for this option rather than to hire a consultancy firm. Yet, there are three reasons why relying on Encon is certain to be more profitable.

1. Preparing a realistic budget along with a conceptual analysis allows you to have a helicopter view of all the solutions, while striking a balance between purchase costs, energy consumption, convenience and maintenance. The installations drawn up by Encon generally have a Total Cost of Ownership that is at least 20% higher due to the analysis of the available solutions.

2. The new installation is reliable and guaranteed to deliver the expected savings. This guarantee is based on the scope statement drafted for you by Encon, on a price comparison and on the negotiations conducted by our experts with the suppliers who submitted the best tenders. On average, Encon saves 7-12 % through the use of tendering.

3. The combination of independent comparison and Encon's experience with electrical installations ensures that you will recoup the money you spend on us many times over. The peace of mind of having chosen the right supplier and the right solution so you do not need to worry about the installation is also a valuable advantage. The application of this procedure also reduces both time and risk.