Compressed air

Compressed air

Compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy. The reason for this is the low efficiency of this utility. Depending on the application, the efficiency varies between 5% and 15%, which means that a large part of the electricity is converted into heat.

Compressed air systems therefore soon begin to consume too much energy. In other words, an installation does not need to be broken or worn down before deciding to retrofit or replace it. In any case, it is always a good idea to have your compressed air system tested. That way you will immediately know how much money your company is needlessly losing every day.

Why work with Encon?

Our engineers at Encon always begin with a free assessment of the savings potential. This should reveal whether retrofitting, replacing or adjusting your installation will quickly pay for itself.

Encon's step-by-step plan ensures that you will not blindly embark on some reckless adventure, but will always be able to save money and will know in advance how much those savings will amount to.

Step 1: An assessment of the savings potential tells you where you can reduce consumption

Encon has developed a methodology to quickly identify a company's savings potential. Based on the calculation of this savings potential, we know which techniques we need to explore further. Compressed air is often one of those areas of interest. We know from experience that an installation older than 10 years usually has a savings potential of 20 to 30% and that the payback period of these measures is less than 5 years. Encon optimises compressor parks ranging from 100 kW to 1,500 kW.

Step 2: Knowing what needs to be done

If the savings potential screening of your compressed air system shows that it consumes too much energy, our engineers can design a new or retrofitted installation that is more economical and can tailored to your business activities. In order to analyse this potential, a compressed air audit will be carried out.

A compressed air audit to optimise your compressor fleet

As a result of an innovation project, Encon has developed a simulation and measurement programme to determine the flow rate in relation to consumption. A detailed consumption profile will be calculated based on our measurements. The methodology we have developed, allows us to determine the flow rate required at any given time. This information is important in order to develop various concepts for optimising the energy consumption of your compressors, dryers, buffer tanks and various compressed air applications.

Please click here for an overview of our measures related to compressed air systems.

Step 3: Designing the ideal, customised system

As soon as we know which compressed air demand an installation has to meet, we can design the ideal solution, while taking into account all the costs and benefits. For Encon, the ideal installation is the one that is cheapest when all costs are included.

The difference in energy consumption between installations with the same capacity can be considerable. For similar power outputs, the difference in energy consumption between different brands can be as much as 20%. This difference is caused by the structure of the compressor in relation to the flow rate. At Encon, we therefore rely on the total cost of ownership (investment costs, operating costs and maintenance costs) of various types of compressors over a period of 15-20 years in order to assess all the costs and the most interesting configurations and to make the best possible choice.


Step 4: A good scope statement and a correct comparison of tenders

Being an independent party, Encon not only designs installations, but can also monitor both the tendering procedure and the final installation. A scope statement will be drafted based on the selected concept. After tendering, a comparative study will be made of the investment costs, operating costs, maintenance costs and the technical set-up of the installation. This allows us to create reliable models to predict the final cost of the various options. The scope statement also specifies the main preconditions. Subsequently, the tenders submitted by the various suppliers will be compared in detail. For each aspect, Encon will check whether the tender meets the requirements of the scope statement and prices will be compared. In a second phase, the three best tenderers will have the opportunity to improve their tenders in those areas where they did not score as well as the competition. At the end of this procedure, a final candidate will be selected.

Step 5: Installation follow-up: what you pay is what you get

Once the contract has been awarded, the project managers can also monitor the implementation of the project for you. This will result in less stress for the customer, but, most of all, it offers you the assurance that the work will be carried out according to the scope statement. This type of monitoring ensures that you get what you are paying for.

This type of monitoring ensures that you get what you are paying for: a reliable high-quality installation that will yield at least the savings that have been calculated.

3 reasons for calling upon Encon

A new compressed air installation can be bought directly from an installer or a manufacturer. It would seem cheaper to go for this option rather than to hire a consultancy firm. Yet, there are three reasons why relying on Encon is certain to be more profitable.

1. The installation that we design, strikes the most cost-efficient balance between between purchase costs, energy consumption and maintenance. The installations drawn up by Encon generally have a Total Cost of Ownership that is at least 20% higher due to the analysis of the available solutions.

2. The new installation is reliable and guaranteed to deliver the expected savings. This guarantee is based on the scope statement drafted for you by Encon, on a price comparison and on the negotiations conducted by our experts with the suppliers who submitted the best tenders. On average, Encon saves 7-12 % through the use of tendering.

3. The combination of independent comparison and Encon's experience with compressed air installations ensures that you will recoup the money you spend on us many times over. The peace of mind of having chosen the right supplier and the right solution so you do not need to worry about the installation is also a valuable advantage. The application of this procedure also reduces both time and risk