Thermal installations


A cogeneration plant produces both heat and electricity at the same time using fuels such as gas, fuel oil or biomass.

In a separate configuration, the yields of a power plant and a heating system are lower than those of a cogeneration system. With a CHP installation, a yield can be obtained that is more than 16% higher than the yield of a separate configuration.

It is important for a CHP system that the dimensioning is done according to the heating profile. A load duration curve will be drawn up for this purpose. Based on this curve, the CHP plant can be dimensioned and designed.

Action plan

The engineering of a CHP plant involves the following steps:

  1. Preparation of a feasibility study
    • Analysis of current consumption
    • Preparation of a load duration curve
    • Assessment of the required permits
    • Preparation of a cost-benefit analysis taking into account possible subsidies
  2. Dimensioning of the new CHP plant
    • Preparation of the P&ID diagram for the installation to be carried out
    • Drawing up a circuit diagram
    • Drawing up an assembly plan
  3. Monitoring of implementation
  4. Completion of the installation