CO2 Neutrality

If we want to meet the targets by 2050, it is important for companies to strive for CO2 neutrality. The good news is that this can be achieved with an attractive return on investment.

Based on Encon's experience with Impact Investing and its years of experience with energy projects, we have drawn up a specific action plan based on the trias energetica. Its sequence can be tailored to the customer's needs, depending on the actions, regulations and projects already carried out. The methodology is based on the PAS 2060 methodology of the BSI (British Standards Institution).

These phases are as follows:

We begin with a study that analyses the CO2 emissions resulting from energy consumption during operational activities and transport. In order to achieve CO2 neutrality, the potential for energy savings and for the production of renewable energy will be examined.

In the next phase, these energy savings and/or the production of renewable energy will be further developed. Once the energy savings have been implemented, the remaining energy will be generated in a sustainable manner. This can be achieved by investing in additional local production based on solar and/or wind energy to achieve CO2 neutrality. If it is not possible to generate energy on a local level, investment opportunities in a solar or wind farm in the surrounding area will be explored.

The concepts in terms of CO2 neutrality that will be analysed in the study are the following:

  1. Concept 1: Purchasing green energy
  2. Concept 2: Analysis of renewable energy with on-site production
  3. Concept 3: Investment in renewable energy projects in Belgium

This analysis results in various solutions, each with a cost-benefit analysis, to ensure that CO2 neutrality is actually achieved within your company. The various concepts will also be worked out in budgetary terms, stating the various savings possibilities. The objective is for one or more concepts to be selected, after which engineering can be started in order to implement the project.