Audits for SMEs

Audits for SMEs are not required by law, but they can have a significant impact on a company's cost structure.

Why an audit for SMEs?

An audit for SMEs currently receives financial support from the government. A basic audit is even completely free. Even if a number of additional elements are included in the audit (which is often advisable), an SME audit with an average investment of around € 1,500 is very cheap compared to the savings that your company can achieve with it.

The more than 200 audits that Encon has carried out so far have shown an average savings potential of 15% on the energy costs.

An audit is of course only meaningful if something useful is done with the conclusions. Here, too, the government provides some assistance: implementation advice can be subsidised up to 40% for measures resulting from an audit.

Why an audit by Encon?

A large number of the SMEs that applied for an SME audit had Encon carry out that audit. That wasn't a coincidence.

A three-step approach to guaranteed savings

When carrying out an audit for SMEs, Encon applies two important principles:

  1. An audit should be able to identify significant savings with a short payback period. If not, implementation is less advisable.
  2. The audit should lead to actual and effective savings measures and not end up in some drawer and never be heard of again.

With this in mind, Encon has developed a unique approach that offers the client some essential guarantees.

Step 1: A document to determine the savings potential

Before carrying out an audit, we will determine the potential for savings first. On the basis of this document, we can assess whether significant savings with a short payback period can actually be achieved in your company. This method allows us to determine whether it is worth the time and effort to actually do an audit.


Step 2: The audit itself

If the potential is confirmed, we will not only carry out the audit, but will also offer you some guarantees:

  • Encon guarantees 10% savings on energy consumption.
  • Encon can carry out the savings projects itself.

Step 3: Presentation

The presentation of the audit includes an explanation of a realistically designed action plan.