Research & Development

Research & Development

Given the evolution of the energy market and the development of ever new, energy-saving techniques, it is important for Encon to engage in continuous research. New techniques are being researched and analysed with the aim of informing our customers about the best available techniques. Innovation and continuous product development is also very important for the sustainable growth of our company. Encon has an innovation department that is operational across all business units and that guarantees the long-term continuity of our group.

Some results from our R&D activities:

Compressed air lab

Among other things, Encon has developed its own compressed air laboratory so that the compressors of various manufacturers can be compared objectively.

Sustainable industrial sites

There are research projects on the development of sustainable industrial sites. The objective of a sustainable energy site is to ensure that the utilities are produced centrally and that the secondary forms of energy (such as heat, compressed air, electricity, etc.) are delivered directly to the surrounding businesses. Because the energy flows are produced centrally, several advantages can be achieved.

Deand-side management

Demand-side management (DSM) is a concept that allows electricity consumers to flexibly adjust their energy demand in order to better match demand and electricity production. The aim of our research is always the practical implementation of DSM in industry. In this context, Encon also developed an innovation project.

Research on production processes 

At the request of customers, we also conduct research into new technologies to optimise or improve production processes in the field of energy efficiency. On the basis of modelling, simulations are carried out to optimise these processes. One of the results in this area is our bottleneck audit, which detects specific bottlenecks in the production process and thus further reduces energy consumption.

Smart lighting

In our Relighting business unit, a research project is underway in which sensors linked to the lighting provide information about the occupancy of buildings, among other things. Information on the optimal use of meeting rooms and workplace optimisation can be obtained via controls.

Climate portfolios - Impact investing

Based on Encon's many years of experience in energy saving and project management in the field of renewable energy, we have established a fund that allows shareholders and entrepreneurs to invest in a climate portfolio. The funds obtained are invested in wind farms, solar farms and energy saving projects with an interesting return on investment. In 2018, Encon created a climate portfolio worth € 60,000,000, for which various funds were made available.

Come and visit Infinity to discover our research projects.

In 2018 Encon designed one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe: Infinity. It is an experience centre on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability. Our various research projects are on display in the building and new innovation projects are also being developed.

You can visit Infinity by booking a tour

Seminars and lectures

Our experts are regularly invited to give lectures and keynote speeches. Encon also regularly organises its own events or conferences on themes relating to sustainability and (sustainable) energy.