Energy saving

Energy savings
that pay themselves back

Where and how can your company save energy?

The business activities of each company are unique, as is their energy consumption. However, the utilities used by different companies are similar:

  • Lighting
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Compressed air

In addition to utilities, Encon also optimises production and process installations in various sectors (food, metals, chemicals, plastics, etc.) using measurement campaigns and simulation programmes.

These installations include industrial process heating (steam installations and direct, natural gas-fired applications), industrial cooling installations (using ammonia, CO2, etc.) and/or CHP installations.

Technically, these processes and the know-how they require, are very different. Yet, the methods which Encon uses to analyse the needs and develop a savings plan are quite similar.

1. Analysis - Consultancy
We start with an analysis of the existing installation and examine how we can make it more energy-efficient: either by adjusting its set-up/operation or by replacing it with a new one.

2. Design - Engineering
Once a client has decided to modernise their utilities according to our savings plan, we start with dimensioning and draw up a design of the new installation. P&IDs and draft plans will be prepared for this purpose.

3. Tendering
In this phase, a scope statement will be prepared by Encon. We then carry out a detailed comparison of the tenders submitted and enter into negotiations with the best tenderers in order to further fine-tune and improve their tenders. It is on this basis that a tenderer will be selected.

4. Follow-up during implementation
Encon's project managers will monitor the implementation of the project on your behalf and will ensure that it is carried out in accordance with all the specifications stated in the tender.