Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring

Monitor your energy consumption wherever you are

A heart rate monitor for you energy consumption

If you want to get the most out of your body and stay healthy, using a heart rate monitor during exercise is a good idea. A company that wants to achieve maximum energy efficiency in a sustainable way should implement energy monitoring.

An energy monitoring system not only tells you how your energy consumption is developing, it also shows you how to boost your energy performance. Just like a heart rate monitor, it is a must for companies that want to achieve excellent results.

Moreover, you can call on a top coach: Encon. Encon's many years of national and international expertise will help you achieve greater continuity in your results.

Action Plan 

Based on 17 years of experience with monitoring systems and analyses in factories, we can implement and expand monitoring systems in companies. Encon proceeds in several phases, with the system being extended in each phase. The following figure provides an overview of all the phases of Enconnect:

  • Phase 1 covers basic energy consumption (main consumption, electricity and/or gas and/or water);
  • Phase 2 involves a further breakdown of energy consumption, listing the main consumers that account for 80% of consumption. During this phase, compliance with EED, EPA and ISO 50.001 monitoring will be taken into account;
  • Phase 3 involves linking energy consumption to specific product groups to measure energy consumption;
  • Phase 4 involves sending the monitored data back to the workplace (possibly by means of TV screens) as feedback for the production managers. This allows the specific energy consumption of each shift or batch to be monitored;
  • Phase 5 involves organising several brainstorming sessions, possibly on a quarterly basis, with the relevant production managers to discuss the evolution of specific energy consumption;
  • Phase 6 ensures that data are transmitted in real time in order to respond more quickly to changes in the various business processes. During this phase, a connection can be made to a Scada system.

Visualizing your energy data

Enconnect provides you with a visual representation of all your energy data on one single platform. For each of your energy projects, Enconnect can help you perform a baseline measurement and monitor the effect of each measure. If you plan on running several energy projects at the same time or if a project is located on different sites, Enconnect can be your finger on the pulse. The dashboard and customizable energy reports make Enconnect the tool of choice for monitoring your energy performance, both in real time and over a specific period.

Learning to improve in targeted way

Few people and companies really think about their energy consumption. They simply pay the bills and that's it. Even people who take the time to think about their energy consumption are left wondering what would be considered a normal, realistic consumption level in their case.

An energy monitoring system gives you the means to pinpoint the areas where you can improve. Encon and Enconnect analyze your business in different ways:

  • Compliance & sustainability: mandatory for the government or in other matters. This could include, for example, measuring points within the context of the EED, for an EPA, for emission rights, etc.
  • Cost-efficiency: we monitor installations or areas in buildings that we suspect are consuming too much energy.
  • Sustainability: monitoring renewable energy production and sustainability parameters
  • Billing/administration: measurement points for checking energy bills
Enconnect, Encon’s energy monitoring system

Enconnect is already a partner for many companies, from SMEs to large, international companies. As you can see, Enconnect is capable of providing support in almost all sectors and on all company levels when it comes to energy policy. By offering Enconnect energy monitoring, we are not only providing companies with a tool to monitor their consumption and profile - it also allows us to monitor their energy policy. In the past, we have initiated successful energy monitoring projects for many clients, which have allowed us to drastically reduce energy consumption. This is precisely where the added value of energy monitoring can be found.

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