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Our three wind turbines generate an annual output op 12.500.000 kWh 

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Our three wind turbines generate an annual output of 12.500.000 kWh 

In 2012, Encon conducted a feasibility study commissioned by H. Essers, in which the potential for wind turbines at Genk-Noord was researched. This study found that the area studied was particularly suitable for the installation of wind turbines.

On the basis of this result, Encon submitted the relevant permit applications. In 2014, permits were granted for four wind turbines, including three wind turbines on the plots belonging to H. Essers and one wind turbine on a plot belonging to Martens.

After several months of preparations and tendering, construction of the wind turbine project started at the end of 2015. In this context, Encon assumed the role of general project manager, meaning it was responsible for the day-to-day project coordination of the entire wind farm. Since the transport activities on the site were not allowed to be disrupted, the work had to be closely and accurately monitored. In doing so, Encon fully relieved H. Essers of all responsibility and burden, both during the permit and the execution phase.

The four wind turbines are of the Vestas V110 type and will supply ± 20,000 MWh of renewable energy annually by the end of April 2016, which corresponds to an annual energy production for ± 5,500 households.

This wind turbine project is a prime example of the approach and added value that Encon can offer its customers. With our project management, customers are assisted and supported from the very beginning, all the way through the study phase and permit application procedure up to the tendering process and the actual construction of the project.

Encon also provides support to SMEs and multinationals on energy policy: compliance, audits, engineering, contracting & overall project follow-up.

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