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A multi-faceted project

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Encon installed a new steam plant generating steam at a rate of 5 tonnes per hour and achieving a 98% efficiency rate.

"We needed a partner with openness to our ideas, a solution-oriented approach and the skills to correctly integrate energy efficiency into a challenging overall project. Encon proved to be the right choice."

In order to meet growing foreign demand, the Lindemans Brouwerij decided to expand its production capacity. It evolved into a comprehensive project, which not only included doubling the production capacity. A visitor's centre would also have to be constructed. For the client, it was important that the expansion would result in a high level of convenience and that the whole procedure should also be carried out in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner. That was where Encon came in. The Lindemans Brouwerij found in Encon a partner to whom the entire project, from the engineering all the way to the construction, could be entrusted.

A multi-faceted project

More than half of the production of the Lindemans Brouwerij, 57% to be precise, is exported to countries such as the USA, China and Japan. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand from these countries, an expansion of the production capacity became inevitable. To double this production capacity, an expansion of approximately 6000 m² proved necessary. The new building includes new bottling and packaging facilities, additional storage space, new offices, additional staff areas, and reception and tasting rooms.

The Lindemans Brouwerij formulated three requirements for this entire project: energy efficiency, sustainability and comfort.

High requirements

For its plans, the Lindemans Bouwerij needed a partner with an open mind to its ideas, a solution-oriented approach and the ability to integrate energy efficiency into the overall project in the most appropriate way. It had to be a partner that was well acquainted with all the techniques included in the project: from lighting and electricity to HVAC, steam boilers and compressed air or piping. That's why Lindemans chose Encon, and not only for the study and engineering phases. After conducting the engineering study, Encon took on the role of project manager during the entire implementation of the project.

Comfort for staff and visitors

In order to make a working environment more pleasant for both staff and visitors, two aspects are crucial: lighting and temperature. In the new building, lighting fixtures with energy-efficient lamps and carefully selected reflectors ensure an increased light output. The temperature is regulated by a KNX control system and new HVAC installations. Fan coil units were fully integrated into the concept of each room with the help of the interior designer. In addition, a condensing natural gas boiler was installed alongside a four-pipe heat pump. This approach allowed an increase in comfort to be combined with the necessary environmental gains in an energy-efficient manner.

Expanding existing systems

A new building also requires the expansion of a number of existing technical installations. The power grid was upgraded from 400 kVA to 1,250 kVA and 2,000 A by means of a high-voltage substation. Furthermore, Encon installed new stainless steel pipework with, when required, the appropriate insulation for tap water, rainwater, natural gas, steam, condensate, CO2, compressed air, beer, CIP return, high-pressure, caustic soda and production-line lubricants..

Steam plant with a 98% efficiency rate

Encon installed a new steam plant which has a 98% performance rate while generating five tonnes of steam per hour. By using frequency-driven feedwater pumps and a frequency-driven low-NOx burner, this installation complies with the most stringent NOx emission standards. As a result, the part-load steam production can be reduced to less than 1 tonne per hour. By switching from fuel oil to natural gas, the consumption of the steam boiler decreased by 400,000 kWh per year. That means the brewery emits 108 tonnes of CO2 less each year.

Energy-efficiency, sustainability and higher convenience

The project that Encon implemented for the Lindemans Brewery was a comprehensive project in every sense of the word. It included all possible techniques: the incorporation of a new building into an existing plant and high demands in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and convenience. From the start of the engineering phase, Encon took all these aspects into account and in so doing succeeded in making the Lindemans Brewery project a model for future-oriented corporate expansion.