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Encon's new head office

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Europe's most sustainable office building

An exceptional building deserves an exceptional name - we opted for 'Infinity'. Seen from above, the building has the shape of an infinity symbol. Inside, the structure is designed in such a way that you can continue walking along the offices without ever having to stop. Infinity is, of course, a symbol of sustainability. In addition to sustainability, Infinity also stands for the determination and creativity with which Encon's staff look for solutions to make business operations more cost-efficient, more environmentally friendly and more future-oriented.

For us, 'Infinity' represents the office of the future. Its ambition is to bring together far-reaching techniques and ideas, to work with prototypes and to show what the future may look like. An office building should therefore present the best available techniques, techniques that have proven their effectiveness and profitability. And everything that can be found in this Encon office building should also be a viable solution for any other company.

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