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Encon welcomes retail chain Aldi's ambitious initiative

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Belgium's most sustainable industrial building rated 'Outstanding' by independant certification body BREEAM

Energy specialist Encon helps Aldi create the most sustainable industrial building in Belgium

Yesterday's opening of the new ALDI distribution centre signals a new era. This building is the most sustainable industrial building in Belgium. "We are particularly proud to have been allowed to participate in this project. We believe it is an example that deserves to be followed," says Robin Bruninx, CEO of Encon.

Yesterday, ALDI officially opened the most sustainable industrial building in Belgium in the presence of Lydia Peeters, the Flemish Regional Minister for Energy. The independent certification body BREEAM has awarded the building the highest possible sustainability rating. Not only did Encon assist Aldi in achieving this exceptionally high rating, it was also jointly responsible for implementing the solar project on the roof of the building.

ALDI's new distribution centre not only exemplifies the growth of this discount supermarket chain and the associated regional job security. It is also an indication that more and more large companies are committed to sustainability. This is also Bruninx's main motive: "Obtaining this certificate is, of course, a tremendous achievement, to which we have contributed with great pleasure. But ALDI's attitude is at least as laudable: they decided to take that extra step for a better world. It is only with that mindset that we can make the necessary impact. This example further strengthens my resolve to launch this concept worldwide."

In order to qualify for this sustainability certificate, Encon incorporated 90 sustainability parameters into the design and construction of the building. There are more than 4,000 solar panels on the roof (accounting for the annual energy consumption of almost 300 families), all cooling is provided by environmentally and ozone-friendly CO2, and an extensive green zone with area-specific plants and a bee hotel have been created.

The construction of the new ALDI building cost 50 million euros. Quite a bit of money, but also an investment with a proven long-term return. Frank Vissers, the Managing Director of ALDI Turnhout: "The aim of this investment is to provide our employees with a healthy, safe and future-oriented working environment." Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister for Energy, praised the ambition of the discount supermarket chain: "Today's sizeable investments will certainly pay for themselves in the future: through a lower energy bill, a more pleasant working environment and a more limited impact on the environment."

The fact that Encon is involved in a sustainability project with such an international appeal should not come as a surprise. "Aldi is currently doing what we have wanted other companies to do for a long time," explains Bruninx, "It's is also the philosophy that underlies Infinity, our own office building which not only aims to promote sustainable technologies but also wants to demonstrate that everyone, including smaller companies, can create an impact. It's a good thing there are pioneers like Aldi. And for that, we would like to thank them sincerely."