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Encon provided a new sustainable lighting system for European Volleyball Championship – Lotto Arena Antwerp

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Our new lighting system provides for more radiance, both literally and figuratively.

Encon implemented the new sustainable lighting system for the European Volleyball Championships at the Antwerp Lotto Arena

This weekend, the Yellow Tigers won their first two matches under the glow of the new high-tech LED lighting system at the Lotto Arena. This system appears to be something of an asset for Belgian volleyball, as the first game to be played with the new lighting at the beginning of July was the legendary Red Dragons game. After winning that game against the Netherlands, our national men's volleyball team qualified for the ‘final four’.

The 2015 European Volleyball Championship using a Limburg lighting system
The lighting system at the Lotto Arena is a legend in itself. From a technical point of view, it is unique in Belgium. The high-tech LED lighting ensures a particularly strong, but also very uniform lighting quality. This lighting installation ranks the Lotto Arena among the international top. The Red Dragons' reactions after their legendary first match are proof of this. Their comments can be seen in a film made by the Lotto Arena and Encon, the designer and builder of the installation.

How the new lighting system came about
The 2015 CEV European Women's Volleyball Championship requires very powerful lighting on the playing field for its matches. The lighting system needs to achieve an average brightness level of 1450 lux. This has to do with the quality of the HD footage that is required internationally. In addition, the light has to be evenly distributed for the sake of playing quality. For this reason, a uniformity of more than 80% is required.

Investing in quality, durability and convenience
"There are only a few events a year where we have to deal with such high lighting requirements," says Jan Van Esbroeck of Lotto Arena/Sportpaleis. "It's always top-level sports competitions. Because these kinds of events don't happen very often, like all other sports arenas, we would simply hire extra lighting for the duration of the sports event. When we realised that a LED installation produces almost twice as much light as the current installation but only consumes half the energy, we simply decided to replace the existing installation and invest in a new LED installation. Not least because the lighting quality for all the other activities will also be greatly improved." Geert De Dobbeleer (general director of the federation and organiser of the European Championship) explains: "The new lighting adds to the radiance of the European Championship, both literally and figuratively." The lighting was designed by Encon, a true specialist when it comes to energy. They also installed the new system. Jan Van Esbroeck: "They not only selected the most suitable and energy-efficient fixtures, but also designed a computer-controlled operating system so that we can select the exact right amount of light for each event, ranging from a top-level sports match or the set-up and dismantling of a concert to emergency lighting when one person enters a dark auditorium". This relighting has resulted in a maximum lighting capacity of 1,450 lux (almost doubling the level of the current installation). The lighting configuration allows for six different intensity levels, depending on the activity and needs at that moment. Being a comprehensive LED relighting operation, this will significantly reduce energy consumption and not only save money, but also reduces CO2 emissions by 82 tonnes a year. This new lighting system also offers benefits for other sports events. The Lotto Arena, for instance, is home to the Port Of Antwerp Giants basketball team. During basketball matches, it is customary to provide some animation during the time-outs. In these cases, the sports lighting system will be switched off and replaced by colourful animation lighting. The previous lighting system was suitable for long periods of continuous operation, but had difficulties to cope with brief switch-off periods. Not only did it take a while before the lighting system was back up to full power, but the life span of the lamps was also drastically shortened by these short interruptions. The new LED lighting system is completely unaffected by this.

Halving the capacity while doubling the light output
It's a relighting solution that is truly remarkable: it involves doubling the light output, increasing convenience and flexibility, yet halving the operational cost for lighting. The reliability of this installation also ensures that, generally speaking, there will be no need for replacing the luminaires during the first 30 years. Encon cooperates with the lighting manufacturer Trilux for these LED fixtures.

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