Back to overview BMW BeLux chooses Encon for sustainability screening of its dealerships

BMW BeLux chooses Encon for sustainability screening of its dealerships

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Green Building guidelines for dealerships

As a sustainable energy specialist, Encon will be assisting BMW BeLux in making its dealerships in Belgium and Luxembourg more environmentally friendly. This partnership is part of a new project whereby the car manufacturer's dealers can earn an eco-label. As a result, German reliability and sustainability efforts will be combined in this new alliance bringing together the two front runners within their sector.

For more than 16 years, Encon has been committed to cost-efficient energy projects, with a focus on return on capital for the most sustainable solution. In the automotive industry, where sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue, BMW has taken on a pioneering role. First by focusing on hybrid and electric models, and now also by making its dealerships more environmentally friendly.

Green Building guidelines for car dealerships

BMW BeLux has asked Encon to screen its dealerships in terms of sustainability. For this purpose, the car manufacturer has developed a Green Building Manual, designed to promote the sustainability of the buildings and activities in a broad sense. By complying with the guidelines of this Green Building Manual, car dealers can obtain the Green Building Label.

In addition to screening the dealerships, Encon also assists the concession holders in the transition to a more sustainable working environment. It examines the areas where the concession holder needs to take measures or replace parts of its equipment. The aim is to score enough points to obtain the label.

Generating green energy through solar panels

BMW has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability. In addition to greening its vehicle fleet and screening dealerships, the company also wants to raise awareness among car dealers of the need to install solar panels in order to generate their own energy. Encon was asked, as an independent partner, to conduct a feasibility study for each concession holder that is considering to participate. If the project turns out to be profitable, Encon will ensure the market research and supervision of the project. For concession holders, it is rewarding to participate in this solar energy project as they can earn extra points for their Green Building Label.

Encon has been able to convince a growing number of companies to take steps towards more sustainable business operations. After all, time and again, environmental savings have shown to result in financial gains as well, which means Encon can offer a win-win situation.